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About Us

SkinnyMe Tea is an Australian-based 100% natural health supplements company founded in 2012 by young Melbournite Gretta van Riel (IG: @grettarose | T: @grettavanriel).
In just over a year, we gained the most amazing fan and customer base imaginable and word of our products and results have spread all over the world!

Our Vision

At SkinnyMe our vision since the beginning has been to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle and in doing so assist the overall health and wellbeing of our customers by spreading healthy messages and ideals around nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing.

We aim to provide a positive community to help support our customers in reaching their health goals.

"At SkinnyMe we see 'skinny' as being different for each person. One person's idea of feeling skinny may differ to another's. You can feel skinny for yourself not skinny for society and that's what matters. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves and we're all about promoting positive body image amongst people of all ages, shapes and sizes"- SkinnyMe Founder & CEO, Gretta van Riel.

We want you to know that you're all beaTEAful but at the same time we understand that we all want to be the best versions of ourselves.

Being healthy isn't a fad or craze - it's a way of life.

At SkinnyMe we embrace the fact that now more than ever we as a society are realising that we can control our bodies, and our health - that we are not simply a product of our environments. More and more we are recognising that we can care for and nourish our bodies from the inside out and this can change not only our physical appearance and how we feel on a day to day basis but our entire outlook on life.

SkinnyMe products are not only a way to kickstart your health and help you achieve your goals but they're that helping hand, that whisper in your ear that says "you can do this, you can improve yourself, this is possible".

Is SMT safe?

Yes, if used correctly SkinnyMe tea is safe.

SkinnyMe tea should be used as a detox product, for the directed amount of time, following our strict use guidelines and in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet aimed at detoxification (such as our 'teatox eating plan').

Like any product if used incorrectly (against the advice of our directions/guidelines of use) SkinnyMe tea has the potential to be 'unsafe' - but only when abused.

Often people are unsure about the need for the 'colon cleanse' component of the teatox, the following should help you understand our reasoning as to why the colon cleanse is important to detoxification.

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